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Company profile

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  Guangdong Province Shantou City Kangda medical plastic packaging products Company Limited is located in the Haojiang District Shantou City DAHAO district. Transport facilities, superior environment, fresh air. Now has a standard industrial plant 2000 square meters and 1000 square meters of green, a staff of more than 200 people. Is the State Food and Drug Administration registration certification specializing in the production of pharmaceutical packaging materials enterprises。
  My company production process and plant design according to GMP requirements for decoration. Equipped with advanced physics, detection of bacteria testing facilities; sophisticated automated injection molding, blow molding, injection stretch blow molding machinery and equipment; precision of the various types of production tooling. The company has strict quality management and high-quality staff team. Products to high standards, high quality to win the domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers recognized, more "Chengzhao all passengers " is the support and trust of customers.
  The company's main products are: polyester ( PET ), low density polyethylene ( LDPE ) eye drops bottle; high density polyethylene ( HDPE ) solid medicine bottles; polyester ( PET ) liquid medicine packaging bottle; external low density polyethylene ( LDPE ) ointment tube. Product executive standard : Q/XTKT4-2003, YY0057-91, Q/19STKT01-2001, Q/19STKT02-2001。
  We wholeheartedly welcome customers come to business negotiations, cooperation, win-win!

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